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the cock story

THE COCK STORY explains the reason why THE CORKCOCK Online Shopping´s most expensive way to buy mp3 and wav files online. THE CORKCOCK comes from an old Chinese tale that tells the story of a famous painter known as Lao, in times of the first emperor of the Ming dynasty. The story unfolds us such: On a hot summer´s day, the emperor summoned the most famousof Chinese painters to court to capture on canvass the drawing of a cock. Lao was awarded the task by the emperor himself, and as had been agreed upon, later returned to the court as requested by the emperor with the aim of viewing the artist´s work. Strangely the canvass was still as it had been months earlier; without any trace that could show the painter´s work. The emperor, taken aback, asked him why the work was yet to be painted. His reply was that if he was granted the rest of the morning, the cock would be finished, being the most handsome cock ever painted. Given the situation, the emperor had no choice but to agree. Hours later, the cock was presented to the emperor who acknowledged the worth and great beauty of this simple cock. Two gold coins was the price the emperor wanted to pay the artist for his work.

However, Lao refused the money and left teh palace with the intention of returning the following day to be what he considered fairly paid: A thousand ounces of gold.

First thing in the morning, Lao showed up before the monarch with two larger sacks of canvasses. Emptying them out before an astonished emperor, the painter laid out four hundred and twenty-six sketches of cocks. Each one more beautiful than the one before. The emperor then understood the reason for everything… and the artist was fairly paid.

The aforementioned lesson explains the high value and price of the works shown in en THE CORKCOCK. The market´s most expensive online store. And the reason is obvious: It is one of the best online music stores aimed at the most demanding public. All of this thanks to the long and at times, cumbersome creative work on some three hundred composed melodies, of which only eleven came to light. The rest disappeared because they just lacked the beauty and singularity of these eleven chosen songs after fourteen years of un-noticed work.
That’s why, in THE CORKCOCKyou will be able to see so much art and craft on display when choosing from a wide range of songs, thanks partially, to the high investment and the costly work that to this date remain unpaid.
Now is the time that THE CORKCOCK comes to light and the aforementioned products are purchased by the numerous music loving clients and in time, the most demanding film world.

The Father’s Servant

In your eyes
Place of roses
A tale
In your arms
Feel the love
Special for me
Queen of dance