who is
the father’s servant?

  • His real name is Antonio Hernández Bastero.
  • Born in Buñuel (Navarra) on December 26, 1972. So he is currently 46 years old, as of April 1, 2019.
  • He is an Architect licensed by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the University of Navarra since June 24, 2001..
  • Composer, writer and entrepreneur, he has dedicated, most of his time, to the world of artistic creation in the constant search for beauty. Therefore, in 2003 he created an audiovisual production company in order to spread the culture in today’s society. Because as he says, cinematography has not reached a ceiling and can give a lot of good and beautiful to those who seek the universal values of truth, goodness and beauty.
THE EYES is the corporate image of “The Father’s Servant”.
This look honors the power of Creative Love. Able to touch the hearts of people with an intelligent, elegant Love and above all transmitter of a beauty conceived in the image and likeness of the Creator.
V I R T U A L A S T E R MUSIC & ARTIt is the musical and record label, owned by the “The Father’s Servant” who began taking his first steps 14 years ago.

“The Father’s Servant” has been composing a total of 300 songs. Of which, only eleven will see the light for being overly trained for the purpose they were created: To become able to touch people’s hearts. So that the man of today learns, in this way, to feel in his heart full feelings, full of goodness, truth and beauty.


It is a film producer owned by The Father’s Servant” who began taking her first steps 14 years ago. At this time “The Father’s Servant” has been carefully and carefully preparing … each comma, each point, each letter and above all, the background of a history of the heart and soul of the people.



“Only through Creative Love, the world will know the unique creative beauty of God the Father. Expressed in the Art and Culture of the 21st Century ”

The Father’s Servant