The film takes place around a mysterious spring that is said to have had healing powers years ago.

This fountain, with a soft and penetrating smell of roses, is the last hope of a young university student named Victoria to be able to heal from ulcers on feet and hands and even heal her helpless heart, full of anguish and pain, not being understood for yours. Thus, in this way, life will break through thanks to the courage of the young Victoria’s boyfriend, who even being incredulous throughout his life, will finally believe in the power of a faith capable of risking all his personal convictions and his way of life , for the deep respect and admiration for her.

It will be then when a beautiful and sweet woman, dressed in white, known by the old men of the place as the Beautiful Lady, appears to the young Alejo, in the middle of the night, in this totally dry spring for years, to grant the miracle that , for a few minutes, from the spring springs the water capable of healing her heart and body, without understanding Alejo, until after a while, that the true miracle will be that he has begun a path without return to understand the meaning of his life , which is none other than living for Victoria. To which you must care, protect and above all, love throughout your life.

“El Siervo del Padre”